Investigation of Structural Problems

Mullins Arena, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Structural investigation for the Office of the Massachusetts 
Attorney General, dealing principally with the earthquake 
resistance of the arena and related structural deficiencies.
Technical assistance to Attorney General, office.











Sheraton Motor Inn, 
South Portland, ME
Investigation of 8 story building built by the lift-slab method 
for deficiencies in the post-tensioned concrete slabs and 
deficiencies in the lateral load resisting system of the  building.

See Forensic Engineering in Construction No.11



Load Rating of Bridges in Framingham, MA
Field investigation and analysis of 13 bridges to determine 
condition and load capacity, including three concrete arch bridges, 
and a stone arch bridge.

See Forensic Engineering in Construction No. 18, No. 19, and No. 21.


101 Unit Elderly Housing Project
Jamestown, New York

Seismic load investigation of an existing 9 story precast concrete building, with precast concrete hollowcore floor and roof decks and precast concrete bearing walls and shear walls. Recommendations for retrofitting building to resist the required seismic and wind loads.




17,000 SF Moving Company Warehouse
Southborough, MA

Investigation of fire-damaged metal building, and 
recommendations for repair

See Forensic Engineering in Construction No. 12.



Main Street Bridge over the Sudbury River
Framingham, MA

Investigation of historic arched pony truss bridge 
for condition and load capacity.

See Forensic Engineering in Construction No. 20


Park Plaza Condominium,
Everett, MA

Investigation of cracking of and water infiltration into an 
exterior insulated finish system (EIFS) curtain wall of a 
multi-story building.


Historic Pony Truss Bridge
North Main Street, Webster, MA

Investigation of bent truss chord and other 
damage to bridge due to truck accident.

































































































































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