Structural Design Projects

Massachusetts Civil Defense Center, 
Framingham MA
Structural design of structure to resist nuclear blast; 
development of structural criteria for blast-resistant 


Eastern Airlines Hanger, Logan 
International Airport, Boston, MA

Structural design of superstructure and pile supported 


240-Foot Guyed Microwave Tower, 
New England Telephone Company, 
Marshfield, MA

Structural design.




Pearl Street Parking Garage, 
Framingham, MA

Development of structural concepts and preliminary 
design; consulting on seismic design and detailing.

Erection of precast concrete
for the Pearl Street Parking
Garage, Framingham, MA

Houlton Regional Hospital, 
Houlton, ME

Structural design for 4 story large foot print hospital building 
with open plan design and structural steel frame. Building 
designed for the addition of 2 future stories. Building was subjected 
to shaking from the Magnitude 5.7earthquake at Miramichi, 
New Brunswick in 1982 with no structural damage but with 
some architectural damage.



Mary Lane Hospital, 
Ware, MA

Structural design of 4 story reinforced concrete hospital 
building designed for expansion to 10 stories. Construction 
consisted of flat plate floors supported by architectural concrete 
shear walls and columns. Main building has 80 ft x 170 ft footprint.


Howard Johnson Motor Hotel, 
Kenmore Square, Boston, MA

Structural design of cast-in-place reinforced concrete 
multi-story hotel 


Brandies University Science Center
Waltham, MA

Structural design of 6 building complex utilizing massive 
architectural precast concrete exterior columns and post-
tensioned cast-in-place concrete floors and roof. The first 
use of post-tensioning for buildings in the Boston area (circa 1963).



















































































































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