Journal on Structural Failures:
Forensic Engineering in Construction

Forensic Engineering in Construction is published by Zallen Engineering, a firm that specializes in the investigation of structural failures and problem structures, investigation of foundation and ground water problems, investigation and consulting on construction problems and procedures, and earthquake engineering. 

Topics include case histories of failures and their causes, other forensic engineering topics, earthquake engineering, and discussion of problems in the construction industry. 

All issues are in Public Document Format (PDF), and require Adobe Reader.  (Click for free download of Adobe Reader). 

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No. 1

Collapse of Structural Steel Framing During Construction

No. 2

Shoring a Precast Concrete Parking Garage A Photo Essay

No. 3

Posturing and Risk in the Construction Industry

No. 4

Snowdrift Causes Roof Collapse

No. 5

Testing Connection Angles in Bending

No. 6

Preventing Collapse of a Manufacturing Building Being Converted to Housing Use

No. 7

Behavior of Structures During Earthquakes

No. 8

Collapse of Flying Formwork During Concrete Placement

No. 9

Collapse of 112 Foot Long Deep Longspan Steel Joists

No. 10

Erection of Open Web Longspan Steel Joists

No. 11

Deficiencies in Bracing of Lift Slab Buildings

No. 12

Investigation of Fire-Damaged Warehouse

No. 13

Failure of a Rolling Scaffold

No. 14

Collapse of a Trunk Sewer in Boston

No. 15

Beam and Arch Action
A Structural Primer for Non-Engineers

No. 16

Collapse of Underground Storm Water Detention System

No. 17

Collapse of Roof Over Chemical Settling Pond

No. 18

Investigation of a Stone Arch Bridge

No. 19

Old Concrete Arch Bridge

No. 20

Investigation of a Steel Pony Truss Bridge

No. 21

Investigation of Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridge

No. 22

Collapse of Steel Silo

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