Testing of Structural Components

Testing of Long-Span Bar Joists.
Brewer, Maine

Testing program in steel plant for longspan steel joists with deficient 
welds, for Houlton Regional Hospital. Work involved design of test apparatus, 
specification of test criteria, and supervision of the testing.


Test frame with longspan joist in place.

Failure of web member of joist during 
long-span joist testing.


Testing Connection Angles in Outward Bending,
Cambridge, MA

Normally, connection angles at the ends of beams act in shear in the plane of the support; i.e. there is no significant outward bending. The beams have these connections at both ends, and thus are stable. However, when there is connection angles at one end only, the beam will cause the connection angles to bend outward, a condition for which they are not designed or expected to develop significant resistance. The purpose of the testing was to determine the load capacity at failure and observer the mode of failure.

See Forensic Engineering in Construction No. 5

Test frame with sample mounted to frame.


Test frame and sample in testing machine, during test.


Sample at end of test, showing weld failure.











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